North Hudson Elementary
School Age Care

Looking for important dates and Summer Field Trip information – check out our School Age Care Calendar below:

What is school age care?

School Age Care offers a safe and engaging alternative to having students home alone before or after school. School Age Care provides students with numerous learning and free choice options. Students are encouraged to make their own choices. On any given day choices may include: art, computer lab, active play in the gym or outside, homework help, quiet reading, dramatic play area, games, science, and more.

  • School Age Care is a Hudson School District Community Services Program that provides before and after school care for school age Children at North Hudson Elementary School during the school year.
  • We provide all day care on most non-school days.
    • School Age Care will CLOSED if school is cancelled all day due to inclement weather.
    • School Age Care is OPEN when there is a 2-hour delay or late start and early release days.
  • We also provide an all-day summer care program called the Hudson Backpackers.
  • This program is available to all students attending elementary school in the Hudson School District provided we can meet the needs of that student.