River Crest Elementary
Parent Group

The 8th annual River Crest Carnival is just around the corner and we are looking for businesses, families, neighborhoods and friends that would be willing to sponsor a booth or game for the carnival. Please check out the sponsorship opportunities that are included and contact the PTO for more information! We appreciate your support in making this the most successful fundraiser of the year.

The River Crest Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a volunteer organization dedicated to improving and enhancing the educational and social experience of our students.

Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of every month from 11:30 AM-12:30 PM in the River Crest conference room.

We have many ways for you to get involved

Attend PTO Board meetings to hear first hand what is happening at River Crest! All are welcome!


The River Crest Carnival is our largest fundraiser of the year.  It helps support the Sock Hop, Veteran’s Day program, Bingo, Movie Night, Field Trips, Prairie Fire, Teacher Appreciation, outdoor classroom and many other activities and events.

In order to provide these fun events we are in need of volunteers to help on the committee.  The Carnival Committee meets on the 2nd Monday of every month from 6:00 -7:00 PM.


Would you like to help out with popping popcorn and delivering it to the classrooms? It is always the last Friday of the Month. Contact Kris Novak for more information.

Thank you to all of the families that support Popcorn Friday!

September Family Sponsors:
The Fluegel’s
The Lipinski’s
The Wiertzema’s
The Smart’s
The Sonnentag’s
The Schauer’s
The See’s

October Family Sponsors:
The Buege’s
The Krusemark’s
The Dumond’s
The Carstensen’s
The Pachl’s
The Adrian’s
The Paulson’s

November Family Sponsors:
The Moen’s
The Fullerton’s
The O’Keefe’s
The Cognetta’s
The Schneider’s
The Petta’s
The Farnham’s

December Family Sponsors:
The Marnell’s
The O’Connell Beard’s
The Jamieson’s
The Bane’s
The Klementz
The Ruppert’s
The Kern’s

January Family Sponsors:
The Fluegel’s
The Rudie’s
The Wallace’s
The George’s
The McNamara’s
The Boos
The Hartung

February Family Sponsors:
The Anderson’s
The Moen’s
The Eilertson’s
The Schneider’s
The McNamara’s
The Pettis
The Christenson’s

March Family Sponsors:
The Smart’s
The Rudie’s
The Van Den Heuvel
The Siebert’s
The Niccum’s
The Byer’s

April Family Sponsors:
The Anderson’s
The Hammer’s
The Jones
The Dahl’s
The Byers
The Agrimson’s
The Pagenkopf’s

May Family Sponsors:
The Murphy’s
The Murphy’s
The Theobald’s
The Byers
The Woodruff’s
The Holman’s
The Isakson’s