Willow River Elementary
Parent Group

Volunteer Opportunities

We have many great opportunities coming up and need your help. Please take a look at the following sign ups and help where you can. Could you also help us out by asking your friends to get involved, too? You can even sign up with a friend if you’d like.

Art Adventure:

This is a great program with a training session in October (one session, 2 hours or so) and classroom time in November (2-3 visits in the classroom, 45 minutes or so per visit, depending on teacher’s schedule). Great way to get to know the teacher & students in your child’s class. Also fun way to present art.

Staff Buffets:

During Parent/Teacher Conferences we provide a buffet for the teachers & staff. There are two sign-ups–one for each week of conferences. The first week is a taco bar & the second week is sandwiches. There is a variety of items to sign up for and many of them require very little or no prep. We have added a cash donation option that will go toward any food items not supplied or decorations/supplies (we generally make mints or gum available also, the teachers appreciate that!). We love new ideas!

Book Fair:

The Scholastic Book Fair is also during conferences. The kids love the Book Faire almost as much as they love cupcakes. The volunteering is either set up/tear down or cashiering. Don’t be intimidated about cashiering–Scholastic makes it very easy to sell books with a register & scanner that is simple to use.

Fall Fest:

The Fall Fest is a fun free family event to get the community together and have some fun. We generally have bounce houses, a cake walk, games, crafts & dancing. Last year we offered food for purchase (pizza & hot dogs). We need help planning & organizing and have excellent notes from years past to help in the planning process. We were able to have almost all of the volunteers for the event from the high school. (Many high school kids need community service hours as a part of their sports teams, NHS, etc.) Please use the sign-up below to sign up for this activity. A planning meeting will be set by the end of the week. We need help planning in order to go ahead with the fall fest.

Parent Directory:

We are working on a parent directory. If you haven’t signed up, a laptop will be available in the office at conferences to sign up. Completed directories will be available at the end of October. Participation is voluntary, but it is the only way to get contact information about the students in your child’s class. The district does not put out a directory due to privacy issues.