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Elementary Summer School & Summer Swim – Registration Begins March 1, 2019

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Attendance Matters!

Students must attend school regularly to benefit from what is taught. Lost instructional time can result in achievement gaps. Please call the Attendance Line at (715) 377-3882 to report your child’s absence each day he/she is gone. A parent’s written note is required when your student returns to school.

Please obtain notes from the doctor/dentist when your child has an appointment. Doctor/dentist notes provide the school with the proper verification to excuse your child’s absence.

Whenever possible, family vacations should be taken when school is not in session. When a student will miss school for a family vacation, please notify the school prior to the absence by completing a Family Vacation Request form.

Dismissal Tips

  • Parents and guardians may pick up younger students (Kindergarten and 1st Grade children) in the school Atrium. The school’s interior doors automatically unlock at 3:45 p.m., allowing parents to enter the building.
  • Older students may meet their parent outside at dismissal; please have an agreed-upon designated location to meet your child.
  • When the adult crossing guards finish their shift, they will do a sweep for any students who have not been picked up (typically by 3:55 p.m.) and bring those students to the office. Parents will be contacted and will need to come to the office to pick up their child.