Hudson Middle School
Destination Imagination

What is Destination Imagination (D.I.)?

D.I. is the world’s largest creative problem solving program, with teams in 40 countries around the world. It fosters the natural creativity and curiosity that kids have, and teaches them creative application of curriculum and research, along with collaboration and innovation. Learn more about the program at

When does D.I. start?

Team form in September, with between 2 and 7 students per team. A team chooses one of six challenges, and begins to work on research, creative writing, building props and scenery and rehearsing an original play. They usually meet once a week for about two hours and may meet after school or at a team leader’s house, depending on who is working with the team. Teams perform at a regional tournament in March, and may earn a chance to got to state, or Global Finals!

Who is eligible to participate?

EVERYONE! D.I. is NOT just for “gifted and talented” students, it is a great fit for kids who are driven by their natural creativity. D.I. has kids of all interests and abilities.

How do I sign up?

Click here for a registration form. The program costs $150 for six months of participation and all tournament fees. The fee also includes t-shirts, program materials and everything needed to create an original play.

How does the team placement work?

We try to place students together by grade and school whenever possible. There are some teams that have been working together for a few years, and they often stay the same and learn the creative process together along the way. You can also gather a team of your own, if you know interested students, which is a great way of assuring you’ll have enough kids to form a team.

  • Our program is dependent on parent volunteers (no experience necessary), and we cannot have teams without a team leaders! We provide training and guidance along the way.


D.I. has grown quickly in Hudson School, from 5 teams in 2000, to over 30 teams in 2016. We have been represented by at least one team at Global Finals for the past 13 years.