Get Outside and Play!

Two boys in the snow by the edge of the school forest.

Here’s something really simple that families can do to improve their children’s chance of future health and success: make sure they spend plenty of time playing outside!  In the Hudson Elementary Schools, our students have daily recess built into their days, to provide opportunities to develop important life skills.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, there are several benefits found in being outdoors:

1.  Exercise. While children can be active indoors, playing outside with a ball, bike or sled encourages kids to get exercise and fresh air!

2.  Creativity and Problem Solving. The unstructured feel of playing outside encourages creativity, with children making up their own games, figuring things out, and finding things to keep themselves busy.

3.  Socialization. While structured settings, such as school or sports teams, have benefits, children need to learn how to work and play together on their own. Playing outside with friends provides plenty of opportunities for interaction.

Whether it’s sunny or snowy, there are lots of things for children to do outside.  Find time for your kids to play in the snow – make a snowman, have a snowball fight, or go sledding.  There are many adventures waiting for you when you just get outside and play!!

A group of boys playing in the snow. A group of children in their snow gear by the swing set. Two students on swings. A group of children sliding down the hill. A group of students building snowballs. A group of students building snowballs.

Hudson Schools Exceed or Significantly Exceed Expectations

State of Wisconsin with the number 83.9 Significantly Exceeds Expectations

The Hudson School District is excited to report that the School District is ranked in the top 8% of Wisconsin school districts according to the recently released Wisconsin School Report Cards. All of the Hudson Schools scored an Exceeds or Significantly Exceeds Expectations on their report cards. The School District is particularly proud of progress made on closing learning gaps and making academic progress for all children.

Individual 2018-2019 School Report Cards can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Click on the following link to learn more about Wisconsin School Report Cards:

How to Sign Up for Parent-Teacher Conferences

Image of pencils and paper with the words, "Parent Teacher Conferences Don't Forget to Sign Up"
  • Log into Skyward by clicking here or on the Skyward icon in the top left corner of the website. If you do not know your login information, please call the Hudson Prairie Elementary Office and speak with Amy or Linda (715.377.3860). After one parent has selected a conference time, a second parent in the same family may login and join the same conference time, but cannot create a new time.
  • Choose your child and then click on Teacher Conferences in the blue menu list on the left-hand side.

Description of the Skyward page.

  • To schedule a conference, click the All Conferences button after your child’s name.

Skyward instructions image

  • Click on Select a Time.

Skyward conference instructions.

  • Find the slot you would like to schedule, and click Select.

  • In the Select Time Slot window, make sure the date and time are correct for the slot you want to add, then click Save Selection.

  • The All Conferences Status will indicate Scheduled.

  • To remove or change a conference, click All Conferences and View Selected Times in the Scheduled Conference Times section.
  • Select Unschedule.

  • In the Deselect Time Slot window, make sure the date and time are correct for the slot you want to remove, and click save.

Raider Spirit Across the District

High school football players and Pep Band at elementary playground

Raider homecoming spirit spread across the district today, as the Spirit Bus along with the football team, marching band and the Raidaires visited our elementary schools; promoting Raider Pride, sportsmanship and having some homecoming fun. Go Raiders!

Elementary students meeting football team and pep band members.Elementary students meet high school football team and pep band members.Elementary students meet high school football team, pep band and cheerleader squad members.Elementary students meet high school football team, marching band and cheerleading squad members.Elementary students meet high school football team, marching band and cheerleading squad members.High school football team, marching band and cheerleading squad at playground pepfest. Elementary students meet high school football team players.Elementary students celebrate homecoming with high school cheerleaders in a gym.  Elementary students meeting football players and high-fiving in a gym.Elementary students high-fiving high school football players and cheerleaders.Elementary student standing with arm around high school football player.Students sitting on gym floor for homecoming spirit rally.


Calling All Creative Kids!

Destination Imagination Maker Day Announcement with watch gears in the background

It’s that time of the year to get signed up for Destination Imagination!

We are hosting a DI Maker Day so you can find out what DI is all about. on

Drop in any time, stay for the fun. We will provide:

  • A room full of crazy, creative things for you to create with!
  • All the information you need to join a DI team or start your own team (between 2 and 7 kids, any grade, K through 12)
  • Copies of the New Challenges!

Questions? Contact: Liz Malanaphy at or Anita Stilwell at 

Annual Meeting Highlights

Dr. Ouellette and Board members seated on the stage for Annual Meeting.

Monday’s Annual Meeting of the Board of Education opened with Dr. Ouellette presenting highlights of the District’s achievements and the Board’s focus areas. Click here to view Dr. Ouellette’s presentation.

Presentations were also provided by Board Treasurer Heather Logelin and Tim Erickson, Chief Financial and Operations Officer. Together, they covered the 2019-2020 proposed budget and levy, budget challenges and assumptions, and the impact on property taxes.

Budget Challenges:

  • Address reduced state funding levels.
  • Address instructional needs for all learners including: staff professional development, curriculum adoption, resource materials, and services to meet student needs.
  • Maintain student to teacher ratios within class size guidelines.
  • Sustainable funding for long-term maintenance and capital improvement plan for all facilities.

Budget Assumptions:

  • State equalization aid is projected to be $836,000 less or 3.8% lower than last year and per pupil categorical aid has been increased by $88 per student under the first year of the biennial state budget or a $496,000 increase over last year.
  • The estimated mill rate of $10.35 is down 1.54% from last year’s $10.51. Overall property valuation is estimated to increase 10.09% compared to 3.7% last year. The state average is 6.0%
  • Total under levy stands at approximately $3,300,000, which is direct tax relief for property owners in the Hudson School District.
  • Salaries and benefits are budgeted to increase $1,830,000 or 4.0% over last and include new staffing, staffing reductions, Teacher Salary Structure, Support Staff Compensation System, Hudson Lead Salary Structure, and Board approved increase of 2.5%

Below is the Annual Meeting Booklet

Future Problem Solving International Conference

Hudson students taking a rest on a bench in the Hudson t-shirts.

Throughout the school year, over thirty (30) Hudson students in grades 5-10 competed in the Scenario Writing Competition for Future Problem Solving. Of those students, twelve (12) qualified to attend the state Future Problem Solving competition this past April. The Wisconsin State winners were invited to advance to the international conference. Hudson’s four state winners included, Ben Weaver – 1st place WI Scenario Writer, Junior Division; George Cook – 2nd place WI Scenario Writer, Junior Division; Ainsley Kennedy – 1st place WI Scenario Writer, Senior Division; and Julia Ginsbach – 2nd place WI Scenario Writer, Senior Division.

Hudson students taking a rest on a bench in the Hudson t-shirts.

Pictured above: Benjamin Weaver (Hudson Middle School); George Cook (Hudson Prairie Elementary School); Ainsley Kennedy (Hudson High School); Julia Ginsbach (Hudson High School)

At the Future Problem Solving International Conference, the students were matched up with writers from around the United States and the world for the team scenario writing competition. During the competition, teams wrote a new, collaborative story in two hours based on a future scene and topic. This year’s topic was “De-Extinction.” There were 85 competitors who qualified for the International Scenario Writing competition. Hudson came home with two awards. Benjamin Weaver’s team scenario earned 2nd place in the Junior Division and Julia Ginsbach’s team scenario earned 1st place in the Senior Division.

A group of four students stand with their trophies

Picture above: Benjamin Weaver with his teammates from Kentucky, Michigan and France.

A group of four students stand with their trophies

Pictured above: Julia Ginsbach with her teammates from California, Washington and Kentucky.

The Future Problem Solving International Conference provides participants with the opportunity to experience a high-level of competition and gain valuable feedback from a wider audience on their writing. Additionally, participants learn about and interact with students from diverse cultures, gaining a global perspective on topics and issues that affect our whole world and collective future. It is a motivating and enriching experience for all who attend!

Celebration of flags on the stage.

Flags and flag bearers at the Opening Ceremony of at the Future Problem Solvers International Conference at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Hudson Prairie 3rd Grade Create Book Floats

Students in Ms. Dierks’ 3rd grade class at Hudson Prairie Elementary School celebrated the great books they read during the year by creating a Book Float.  The students decorated the floats and created a scene to display one event from the book.  In addition, they wrote an opinion paragraph on why it was a good book and a commentary to read during the Book Float parade.
Pictured are:
Back:  Dylan Olk, Will Cook, Tyler Axel, Jacey Renstrom, Greta Gies, Ava Swavely, Kylee Jaynes, Kat Schultz, Leah Coleman, Noah Signalness, Felicity Reidenbach
Front:  Gabe Larson, Casey Beatty, Beckett Ertel, Victoria Tank, Maddox Geurkink, Kelsey Roder, Reese Schmidt, Kaidyn Willits, Ella Steuernagel, Brenna Oberle

Hudson Prairie Participate In Pollinator Planting

Students standing in the garden listening to the adult presenter.

Hudson Prairie Elementary School 5th grade students participated in a Pollinator Habitat planting event sponsored by Pheasants for Forever. This program aims to increase awareness about declining pollinator populations, educate the general public on the importance of habitat for pollinators, and establish quality pollinator habitats across the country. Volunteers from Trout Unlimited and the St. Croix Valley Beekeepers Association also participated in the event to share with students the importance of native plants to healthy river systems and the important role bees play in our ecosystem. Students planted native prairie plants in order to help establish a healthy pollinator habitat.

What an ideal place – at Hudson Prairie Elementary!

Students gather around a demonstration on land erosion. A group of students planting the garden. Students trying honeycomb from hives. Students planting seeds. Students planting seeds. Students working with adult demonstrating planting. Students listening to the bee presentation. Students looking at erosion diorama.