North Hudson 5th Grade – Into the Woods

North Hudson students outside as a group.

Every year, each elementary school fifth-grade class spends several days at an environmental education camp. Our North Hudson fifth-grade enjoyed their experience at Camp Sandstone. This overnight experience, paired with the outdoor activities, serves to build knowledge, social-emotional skills and confidence for these older elementary children before their transition to middle school. 

Outdoor learning provides a unique opportunity to explore multiple subjects through hands-on, real-world activities. These activities make science, math, language arts and history fun. The children can see how social, ecological, economic and cultural issues are interconnected. 

Socially, the activities promote building citizenship and leadership skills. The children are challenged to share their knowledge and skills as they work in teams. Whether it is completing a ropes course together or building a fire, the children learn the importance of relying on each other for support and giving support to others.