Elementary Facilities

Elementary Facility Planning Feedback

Middle and Elementary School Projects Update

At the January 24, 2022 Board of Education work session, Board members decided that they needed more time to inform the community and review options for addressing facility needs at Hudson Middle School and the elementary schools. They were not in favor of pursuing a spring 2022 referendum question.

Wold Final Report – December 13, 2021 click here

The above report includes:

  • Task Force Charge Statement, members, and process
  • Executive Summary, resources, criteria statements, and conclusions
  • Appendices: Existing Facility Overview, Facility Analysis, Enrollment Projections and Capacity, Education Adequacy presentation, Activities Needs, Needs Discussion, Option Studies, Baird presentation, Task Force presentations, and Task Force meeting minutes.

Below are the committee responses to their preferred, second preferred and least preferred options:

Facility least preferred option.

Hudson School District Facility Task Force Overview

The Hudson School District has initiated a process to gather community input for the School Board to aide in decisions related to facilities.

The role of the Task Force is to analyze and review information and data regarding Hudson Schools facilities and their capacity for 21st century learning. The Task Force will submit a report to the School Board for consideration. The recommendations will include an examination of deferred maintenance, capital projects, and the possibilities around renovating or replacing school buildings. All meetings will be facilitated by Wold Architects and Engineers.


September 2021 to November 2021. There will be six Task Force meetings occurring approximately every two weeks.


The School District has a history of studying and planning for its facility needs. The funding available for maintenance projects is highly inadequate to keep the buildings in good working order. State funding requires periodic public referendums in order to obtain funding for much needed maintenance as well as adapting facilities to the changing needs of educational programming.

The last bond referendum for facilities was in 2016 and funded renovations at Hudson Middle School and Hudson High School.

Task Force Charge

Provide input for development of a comprehensive Facilities Plan recommendation that will:

  • Best serve our educational goals.
  • Be financially sustainable and viable.
  • Reflect the priorities and values of our communities.
  • Accommodate PreK-12 enrollment and other programs.
  • Support educational programming needs.

The Task Force will study information and data to do this work, including:

  • Building capacity for Early Childhood, K-12 instruction, Community Education, and other programming.
  • Facility maintenance needs, including potential timelines and funding options.
  • Capital and operational cost impacts.

The Facilities Plan will reflect optimal use of our facilities and cover anticipated future needs, as well as identifying topics requiring further study.

A combination of circles and arrows to visually show the task force process.

Step 1: Teaming

Initial meetings with administration to better understand the goals, tasks and exceptions.

Step 2: Create Facilities Planning Committee

Involve key stakeholders that represent all the interests of the community.

Step 3: Objective Data Gathering

Collect data to be reviewed and analyzed by the Task Force to understand needs.

Step 4: Subjective Data Input

Stakeholders review of information, individual perspective and development of criteria for resolution.

Step 5: Agree on Needs

Communicate with the community on identified problems.

Step 6: Options Development

Development of facilities plan options for consideration and analysis.

Step 7: Evaluate Options

Task Force evaluates options that best meet needs.

Step 8: Final Recommendation

Adoption and direction for implementation by the School Board transitioning into next steps.

Site Details

Table denoting site acres

Enrollment History by Grade

Enrollment history chart.