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New Freedom Flix for Elementary SchoolsNew – TrueFlix for Elementary Schools ProQuest Culture Grams
 ECB Videolink – Videos for Wisconsin Schools Associated Press Images – Royalty Free Images & Videos to Use for Classroom Projects Salem Press Encyclopedia
 Soundzabound Royalty Free Music for Wisconsin Schools SIRS Researcher – A Proquest Learning ToolDPI BadgerLinkRecommended for Grades 6-12


Brain POP for Middle School Infotrac: Global Issues in Context      Recommended for Grades 6-12
 Facts on FileRecommended for Grades 6-12 Includes: World News Digest, Issues & Controversies, Today’s Science & Bloom’s Literary Reference Online
 Salem History: Milestone Documents in American History & Musicians/Composers Recommended for Grades 6-12 Opposing ViewpointsRecommended for Grades 9-12


Points of View Reference Center Database Includes: Biography, Current Issues & Magazine Index  – Recommended for Grades 6-12
 Country Reports for Middle School CQ ResearcherRecommended for Grades 6-12 Thinkfinity (Recommended for Grades K-12 Teachers)
 Ebsco Host Readers’ Guide Full Text  Recommended for Grades 6-12 eBooks Recommended for Grades 9-12

 Mackin Online Books Recommended for Grades K-12