Hudson Middle School
Middle School Raidaires

Meets Weekly on Tuesdays

Middle School Weight Room

First Meeting: September 13th 

The purpose of this program will be to offer an inclusive opportunity for students to participate on a competitive scholastic dance team at the Middle School level (7th and 8th). In the first year, the team will perform at different Middle School sporting events and partner with the High School Raidaires to perform sidelines at a Varsity football or basketball game. Ideally, there would be a sideline team and a performance team. The performance team would have additional opportunities such as an exhibition performance at WACPC Western Regionals (hosted at Hudson), compete at a local dance competition, and perform at the Raidaires end-of-the-year recital. In this first year, the team will start out practicing once a week and work up to two days a week. Our mission is to help prepare the dancers for the high school dance team by focusing on dance team technique, performance and game day material, and provide exposure to competitions and live performances in an accessible and inclusive manner. In future years, we would like for this team to be able to compete at a few more local dance competitions.