EP Rock Stand-By-Me Mentoring Partnership

Table of juice and muffins.

The EP Rock Elementary School Stand-By-Me mentoring was a great success this year. There were 27 children paired with adult mentors. Adult mentors meet with students weekly throughout the school year. The school celebrated the end of the school year with a “Mentors and Muffins” event. Mentors enjoyed breakfast with their mentees and their families.

The Stand-By-Me Mentoring Partnership is a school-based volunteer mentorship program where community members, parents, and staff volunteer their time to support students. This privately funded program was established in 1998 at EP Rock Elementary School by a group of teachers, including first grade teacher Bridget Schuett, and fifth grade teacher Amy Davis.

Mentored students, and their parents and teachers, often say they benefit in many ways from their mentoring friendship.

Interested in making a difference in the life of a child? Consider becoming a mentor one hour per week! Contact School Counselor, Kelly Curtis for more information at curtiskj@hudsonraiders.org.

Students, parents, and staff gathered in the media center.  Students, parents, and staff gathered in the media center.