RFP K-5 ELA Curricular Resources

RFP for K-5 ELA Curricular Resource

Click here to view the full Request for Proposals to acquire a K-5 ELA curricular resource.

As part of the Hudson School District Curriculum Improvement Process, we have identified the need for a comprehensive ELA curriculum for all students in kindergarten through fifth grade.  The Hudson School District has six elementary schools with approximately 2,000 K-5 students.

Hudson School District Mission: We are dedicated to developing caring and contributing community members. We are collectively committed to providing a rigorous, student-centered environment to ensure equitable experiences for all students.

What is the projected timeline of the RFP, and what does it entail? This three-phase process runs as follows:  

  • Phase 1: Vendors submit one complete set of sample materials for each grade, kindergarten through fifth grade, and a written summary of no more than two pages delineating their product’s alignment with the criteria listed below no later than April 22, 2024. The sample materials should include all teacher and student resources, both hard copy and electronic. Complete and return this Vendor Submission Form no later than April 22, 2024, indicating your request to participate.
  • Phase 2: The district will conduct a preliminary review of the materials provided to determine finalists. If chosen as a finalist, Hudson School District will communicate your assigned presentation time slot on or around May 6, 2024, along with directions to the presentation meeting room.
  • Phase 3: Finalists will be invited to offer a 45-minute presentation describing the alignment of their product with our outlined needs.

The team will begin meetings in the spring of the 23-24 school year, with a decision before the end of June 2024.  We are projecting implementation in the 24-25 school year. 

The following criteria will be used to select what resource the District decides to use for this initiative, and vendors should come prepared to show how their product(s) meet these desired outcomes:                                                    


  • Standards Aligned: Supports the standards and learning targets (objectives) of the curricular offering in which the material is used.
  • Developmental Appropriateness: Appropriate for the age, emotional, and social development and ability level of the students for whom the materials are selected.
  • Research-Based/Factual: Meets high standards of quality in factual content and presentation.
  • Student Materials: Engaging and user-friendly, with easy navigation to lessons and resources for students.

Instructional Strategies: Allows for, encourages, and supports the use of multiple instructional strategies.  

  • Social Emotional Learning: Assessments and activities foster natural opportunities to teach our prioritized social-emotional competencies.
  • Teacher Agency: Allows for teacher agency and discretion in delivery methods to responsively meet the needs of students.


  • Strategic Plan Alignment: Supports the educational Vision, Values, and Mission of the District and the objectives of the curricular offering in which the materials will be used.
  • Professional Learning: Includes a well-developed professional learning plan to support teachers and administrators with successful implementation and continuous growth.  
  • Teacher Materials: Materials are user-friendly and arranged in a logical order. Teacher support resources include adult-level explanations and access to examples and additional resources.


  • Formative: High-quality formative assessments (e.g. tasks, open-ended questions, project-based, observational, etc) are provided for assessing student learning and informing instructional decision-making.
  • Summative: High-quality standards-based assessments (e.g. tasks, open-ended questions, project-based, observational, etc) are provided for assessing student learning and informing instructional decision-making for each topic.
  • Assessment Efficiency: Existing assessments are streamlined and allow for efficient analysis


  • Accessibility: Resource design and features facilitate readability for a broad group of users. The resource is developed with universal design principles and accessibility guidelines in mind. Accessibility with: audio, speech to text, multilingual, and vision.
  • Differentiation: Materials reflect a variety of ways to differentiate instruction and model content to support all learners. Including structure and options for: whole and small group instruction.
  • Diverse Perspectives: Presents a variety of factual points of view.
  • Representation: Provide windows (seeing others experiences), mirrors (seeing oneself) & doors (opportunity to immerse oneself into another’s lived experience). Illustrations portray people from a diverse range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.


  • Writing: A comprehensive structured writing curriculum which includes systematic and explicit instruction in all genres of writing and the writing process. 
  • Science-based early literacy: Instruction that is systematic and provides explicit the following:
    • Phonological awareness
    • Comprehension
    • Reading fluency
    • Phonics
    • Oral language development
    • Building background knowledge
    • Phonemic awareness
    • Vocabulary building
    • Morphology

Questions regarding this RFP can be directed to:  

Lisa Skoyen, Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning


644 Brakke Dr

Hudson, WI  54016


Annual Celebration of Nations

Celebration of Nations April 25

Volunteers are needed for this year’s Celebration of Nations (click here to learn about volunteer opportunities)

We are looking for volunteers to create displays representing family nationalities for the event. Volunteers may be parents, guardians, aunts, uncles, grandparents or friends!

The Hudson School District’s English Language Learners (ELL) Department is hosting the Annual Celebration of Nations on Thursday, April 25, 2024 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Hudson High School. This event will celebrate the many cultures present in the Hudson community with displays, projects, food, and entertainment from Mariachi Jalisco, Taraangini Dance, and Balla Venezuela.

All are welcome to the FREE event!