Education Foundation Awards Over $12,600 in Star Grants

Recipients of the Education Foundation Star Grants.

Among the educators and program partners earning grants from the Education Foundation of Hudson were, from left, Dan Bell (St. Patrick School principal), Amanda Fedor (St. Patrick School), Tracy Metz (Willow River Elementary School), Stephanie Chuckel (Willow River Elementary School), Traci Wolfe (River Crest Elementary School), and Samantha Thrane (River Crest Elementary School).

The Education Foundation of Hudson awarded Star Grants in November for innovative classroom projects and curriculum training. The grants totaled $12,622.77 for five projects involving several educators and touching many schools in Hudson.

Foundation Board President Lynn Krueger, and other board members, presented the awards during ceremonies at Hudson High School on November 30, 2023. Krueger told recipients that the foundation and community are proud of the educators’ efforts to bring innovative ideas to the classrooms of local schools.

Grant recipients are listed below.

  • ELL communication iPads submitted by Samantha Thrane from River Crest Elementary School. The program will impact all non-English speaking students at Hudson elementary schools. English language learners (ELL) will have access to iPads that are able to translate both speech and printed words from their native language to English, or vice versa. Hudson elementary schools currently have 71 ELL students at various English speaking levels. The books assist both students and parents as they learn English. The foundation awarded $3,989.85.
  • One School, One Book submitted by Traci Wolfe from River Crest Elementary School. The proposal will provide every student and classroom with one book to help build a sense of community amongst their peers and provide a connection of home and school communication. The foundation awarded $2,634.
  • Hudson High School tech education equipment submitted by Dan Weiland. The program is designed to provide updated equipment for the STEM lab. It will be geared toward electronic engineering testing equipment and 3D design materials. The foundation awarded $2,616.
  • Building peer communication via Augmentative Alternative Communication submitted by Stephanie Chukel and Tracy Metz from Willow River Elementary School. The equipment will be used by students with complex communication needs. The equipment will help students with AAC to increase social and academic interactions. The foundation awarded $2201.92.
  • Sensory room materials written by Amanda Fedor from St. Patrick’s School. The materials will be added to an already existing sensory room at the school where students with certain needs can deal with stress or other issues. The room has become useful in assisting the counseling department at the school. The foundation awarded $1,181.

The foundation, founded in 1990, is a private organization established to strengthen community participation in local schools and inspire both teachers and students. With November’s grants ($12, 622.77), the foundation has funded just over $2,100,00 in local education projects and awards since the organization’s inception.

In addition to Krueger, current Foundation board members are Dr. Ron Berth, Jodell Krause, Doug Stohlberg, Joan Thompson, John Kramer, Heidi Gilbert, and Scott Snyder. Thompson recently announced that she will be retiring from the board at the end of this year (2023). Steven Keller is the organization’s volunteer executive director.

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